About Quota

Five of Buffalo, New York’s leading businesswomen attended a Kiwanis Club ladies’ night Christmas event in December, 1918. Inspired by the atmosphere and comradie of the members, the women saw an opportunity for an organization where women could join and come together to enjoy fellowship and provide service opportunities. They set out to contact other women and on February 6, 1919, Quota Club International (later changed to Quota International, Inc.) was incorporated. Wanda Frey Joiner, a pioneer in her day, was elected President. Quota, the first international women’s club, today has members in located in fourteen countries: Aruba, Australia, Canada, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Netherlands, The Netherlands Antilles, New Zealand, The Philippines, Singapore, Suriname, and the United States.

One founding member suggested the name “Quota” because the Latin word means “a share of one part to a whole.” The name expressed the groups’ ideals of cooperation, friendship, loyalty, and service for the common good. Thus Quota got its name.

Locally, our club was chartered on February 26, 1940. With membership now open to men, we strive to link members of all ages, occupations and nationalities to a network of service and friendship. We provide service to the deaf, hard-of-hearing and speech impaired as well as service to disadvantaged women and children. In addition, we strive to meet Quota International’s goals for service, more particularly:

To serve country and community

To promote high ethical standards

To emphasize the dignity of all useful occupations

To develop good fellowship and friendship

To advance ideals of righteousness, justice, international understanding         and good will




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